10 Relationship Facts Everyone Should Know Before Getting Into One.

What is so special about love?

Love is a very special feeling. Anyone who has felt love in their lifetime will agree that it is one of the strongest emotions humans can feel.

The special thing about love is that apart from giving you unconditional love to your partner, love also teaches you a lot of other significant lessons in life. 


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Whether you’re a brand new couple or you’ve been together for years, you probably don’t know everything about each other just yet.

The beauty of relationships is that you’ll be able to keep exploring and discovering new things about your partner every day for the rest of your lives.

But if you have a long-term relationship in mind for the future with your current partner, there are some questions to ask your boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner right now.

We all Need It. 

It might feel like a bit much to start thinking so far ahead, but these questions are going to be relevant at some point whether you’re ready for it or not.

There are certain things that truly define us as people. For the purpose of this article, we’ll be referring to your hypothetical partner as “your boyfriend,” however regardless of your partner’s gender or the stage you are at in your relationship, these are facts worth knowing.

Love teaches you to be kind, compassionate, and selfless. It helps you put others over you, be kind and empathetic to them, and be able to look over others’ imperfections.


How does it feel? 

Love is an emotion that we know has the power to move mountains. People have lived and died in love, lived and died for love. Love is the basis of all our relationships – whether romantic, platonic, or family. 


However, as much as people feel love for someone, and feel loved by someone, it’s not easy to describe the feeling. Love is pretty abstract and can be difficult to define. If you want to know more, here are a hundred interesting facts about love you probably didn’t know.


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What is love?

All people, whether they have a partner or not, often ask the question, what is love? Is love unconditional? Does love mean being with the same person all your life? Love can mean different things to different people. To know more about what love is, read this article.


What is so special about love? 

Love is a very special feeling. Anyone who has felt love in their lifetime will agree that it is one of the strongest emotions humans can feel. The special thing about love is that apart from giving you unconditional love to your partner, love also teaches you a lot of other significant lessons in life. 


Love teaches you to be kind, compassionate, and selfless. It helps you put others over you, be kind and empathetic to them, and be able to look over others’ imperfections.


5 fun facts about love

1. Monogamy is not just for humans


You may think that monogamous relationships are just for humans. However, one of the fun facts about love is that various species in the animal kingdom commit to life-long relationships and live with only one partner throughout their lives.


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2. Opposites attract is not a myth

Everyone has heard the saying, “opposites attract,” but many people think it might not be true. Another fun fact about love is that having different interests and hobbies as individuals can actually help couples be more spontaneous and have a loving, lasting relationship.


3. Intense eye contact can make you fall in love.

Looking into each other’s eyes can make you feel very close to someone. Even if you do this with a stranger, you will likely feel emotions like love and intimacy.


4. Butterflies in your stomach are a real feeling. 

The saying about feeling butterflies in your stomach when you see the person you love is a real thing. The sensation is caused by a rush of adrenaline in your body; the hormone is triggered when you are put in ‘fight or flight situations. 


5. Cuddling with the person you love can relieve physical pain.

Cuddling with someone you love releases a hormone called oxytocin in your body. Oxytocin is also known as the love hormone.

You must get to know and ask your partner questions


1.. What are their hopes for this relationship are. 


This is potentially the most important question to ask your boyfriend, girlfriend, or any potential long-term partner. Not every relationship is going to end in marriage, and that’s totally fine.

What’s not fine is going in with certain expectations and three months later having your heart broken because you never discussed what you want.


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2. What their love language is


We get it, it’s cheesy! But honestly, nothing ever holds up like a love language at the end of the day. Seriously, we recommend taking this quiz just to get a read on what your love language is so you can discuss this with your partner.

Your love language basically represents how you prefer to be shown love and appreciation by your partner. The five love languages are words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, quality time, and physical touch.


3. What their eating and drinking preferences are.

It’s always good to know what you and your partner both like so you can best work together to find common ground or compromise if you don’t quite agree.

This doesn’t mean any green or red flag but it’s to make you note that we are not the same. And learn to appreciate that.



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4. What their relationship with their family and friends is like.

This is very important. One day, you’re going to end up being introduced to your boyfriend’s friends or family so it’s important to go in prepared.

It’s best to ask your boyfriend questions about these relationships before you dive in headfirst. Who is their go-to confidant?

Are they close with their family or is there some strain there? What’s the name of their favorite uncle? These things do matter. 


5. What their most important life events are.

This is important in any relationship, even at the beginning. When you’re first getting to know your partner, it’s important to outline what events or dates are important to them so you can respond accordingly.


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6. What their biggest personal or professional goals are. 


Whether or not ambition is high on your list for ideal traits, it’s important to at least know what sort of plans your partner might have. It’s a beautiful thing to learn.

If their long-term goal is to move to London and live off of a sustainable estate or solar and that doesn’t sound like something you’d be interested in one day, it’s best to set some realistic expectations moving forward.


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7. What their personal or spiritual beliefs are


The importance of religion or a belief system varies greatly from person to person. So learn it and though you don’t necessarily need to align on these beliefs with your partner. You should consider and discuss what means a lot to you or them.


8. What they’ve learned from past relationships.

Get to know him in and out around his former relationship. 

Relationship history isn’t something everyone loves to talk about, but trust us talking this out early will save you time and trouble down the line.

Many people find themselves making the same relationship mistakes time and again, so we encourage you to talk things out early and set up some structures to make sure that’s not going to happen with this relationship.


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9. What their allergies or medical needs are.

This step is a tiny bit more important than just knowing what they prefer to eat! In terms of allergies, for safety reasons, it’s important to know what they can or cannot safely eat. Some allergies kill, so as questions. And some medical conditions place life expectancy.

Additionally, if your partner has any medical issues or chronic illnesses that affect their day-to-day lives or availability at times it’s important that you know so you can help and support them as needed. 


10. What type of sex do they like.

Whether this is going to be a fun question for you to ask or a scary one, you should talk about it. It’s not an evil question or bad one to begin with.

Unless you’re saving yourself for marriage, chances are sex is going to come up more than one time in your relationship. And if you are adamant about saving yourself for marriage, make sure that you bring that up for discussion as well.

The right partner for you will be comfortable with what you want and need. We tend to think of sex as a taboo in our society, but when it comes to talking things out with your new favorite boyfriend there’s nothing wrong with talking out a little s-e-x. Whether it’s your favorite position, lay it all out one thing at a time and see how your boyfriend reacts.


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We hate to be pessimistic, but love alone isn’t enough to sustain a marriage. To truly make a marriage last, research suggests you need to be smart and conscientious in how you love your partner.