10 Ways To Be Creative When You Don’t Feel Inspired

How To Be Creative When You Don't Feel Inspired
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At times, we are all uninspired. The good news is that it’s a natural aspect of the creative process that everyone faces. It’s completely normal! Making art has numerous advantages: It helps alleviate tension and anxiety and gives you a deeper sense of life. 

Furthermore, being creative can feel incredible and raise your attitude. Creativity and innovation are two distinct qualities. Creativity is significantly more difficult to “acquire” with training because it is maybe a skill learned early in life. 

Practice, on the other side, can improve innovation: thorough analysis and iterations to better ideas and generate new experiences.

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10 Ways To Be Creative When You Don’t Feel Inspired


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So what precisely is inspiration?

We all know what it’s like to be inspired, but we can have a tougher time defining what inspiration is. Psychologists define inspiration as extrinsic motivation that causes a person to conceive an idea and/or produce something creatively. 

In simplest terms, you see or experience something—whether it’s a tree or someone else’s work—that inspires you to create something of your own.

My Story On How I Lost My Creativity:

Here is my narrative, as a young girl who used to read love books but can’t remember the last time she did.

I recently discovered stories on my old laptop from five years ago and was astounded by how active my imagination was. There were at least 16 short and long-form stories on there, each with its plot. It was as though every thought that entered my head formed its own story.

10 Ways To Be Creative When You Don't Feel Inspired
10 Ways To Be Creative When You Don’t Feel Inspired

Now that I’m 20, I hardly ever write ( except for 2 short stories in 2020, during lockdown). I still need to finish one of them, and I’m running out of fun, exciting ideas. Sometimes I feel like my imagination has been sucked dry, lol. I recall reading a lot in high school, which inspired many of my creative works.

I’m juggling a full-time law degree and a full-time content creation job, and I no longer have time or interest in reading. So how did that change? Let’s find out.


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Things Started Changing When I Changed My Mind

I made a bold step to work on the life I solely desire, I went out, and bought myself a journal. This was like the first time I understood the importance of journaling. That evening after online work and classes, I did a little meditation and recollect how beautiful writing was to me and how important it is to me whether or not I have a job or I am chasing this LLB dream.     

10 Ways To Be Creative When You Don't Feel Inspired
10 Ways To Be Creative When You Don’t Feel Inspired

I started to understand my why and my reason for always remembering how much I love writing.  Barely, two weeks into my journaling and meditation, I was already down with 20 pages of 10 ways to be creative even when you don’t feel inspired. So check it out.                               

10 Creative Things To Do That Will Keep Inspired

When you’re caught in a creative rut, return to this list of 10 things you can do to get inspired.

1. Discover Something New

10 Ways To Be Creative When You Don't Feel Inspired
10 Ways To Be Creative When You Don’t Feel Inspired

Experiment with knowledge outside of your comfort zone to learn something new. Learn ten words in a foreign language, investigate 17th-century European music, or pick up a star chart and learn about our universe. It could like, whatever is not so important, okay. 

How do you then discover anything new, one would ask?

There is no better moment for self-discovery than now, so here are some pointers to get you started.

  • Begin by imagining your ideal self.
  • Investigate your interests.
  • Experiment with new stuff.
  • Examine your abilities.
  • Determine what you appreciate about yourself.
  • Pose questions to yourself.
  • Discover something new.
  • Maintain a journal.

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2. Begin to Adore the Concept of Observing

You should be able to observe well. We can’t make something out of anything. We experiment with colors, language, and items to create unique art or product. Therefore you can’t develop anything innovative out of such items unless you have outstanding observation skills.

The act or instance of noticing or perceiving, as well as the receipt of knowledge from a primary source, is referred to as observation.

To truly enjoy observing, take the following steps:

  • Understand your subject.
  • Slow down and look around.
  • Experiment with something new.
  • Reduce distractions to improve your concentration.
  • Put yourself through a mental workout.
  • Play a memory game to put your observation skills to the test.
  • Make a note of your observations and think about them.
  • Continue to be inquisitive


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3. Make a Vision Board.

 A vision board is a useful tool for clarifying your life goals. Consider what you want out of life and begin visualizing it. Gather images and words that represent this existence and arrange them on a vision board.

10 Ways To Be Creative When You Don't Feel Inspired
10 Ways To Be Creative When You Don’t Feel Inspired
  • What is a visual board, exactly?

It is a collage of images, text, and other materials that symbolize and affirm one’s dreams and objectives made to aid in visualizing and focusing on one or more specific goals.

  • What should your vision board include?

Your goals for the coming year, as well as any thoughts or sentiments you desire to bring into your life, can all be included on a vision board. Whatever you decide, it’s critical to include goals that you can truly achieve. Explain your objectives in great detail. 


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10 Advantages of Creating a Vision Board

  • To establish clear objectives
  • It aids your development.
  • Keeps you motivated.
  • It helps change your thinking.
  • To feel happy.
  • It links to the various aspects of your life.
  • It is more than a  useful visualization tool.
  • It helps to Increase your chances of success.

4. Take a Little Break

Taking a break from creative tasks and focusing your attention on something completely unrelated is an excellent approach to getting inspired. It doesn’t matter if you paint a painting, write a song, or attend an art exhibition; what matters is that you find it creative and engaging. 

Though it’s easy to overlook it, rest is a crucial aspect of the creative process. We can’t always be creating; we must also take time to refuel and let things simmer so that new ideas might emerge.

Rest does not necessarily have to entail doing nothing or sleeping. It can take the form of reading a book, baking, or caring for your garden—whatever makes you feel serene.



This may sound funny but, try to take an hour off from apps and other forms of online. I find that I consume too much of other people’s content (including Netflix and YouTube) and stop thinking for myself. When I disconnect from the internet, sometimes, I get incredibly bored for 10 minutes, but after that time, new thoughts begin to return. Sitting in front of a blank wall forces your imagination to reboot and come to your aid.

What are some ways to take a Break

  • Make some coffee or tea.
  • Exercise your breathing muscles or meditate.
  • Look out a window.
  • Read a book page or a blog post.
  • Organize a section of your room.
  • Close your eyes and lie down or snooze.
  • Stretch and stand up.
  • Take a brief stroll.

5. Become Creative by Collaborating

Working with artists from various artistic fields is an excellent method to obtain new perspectives on a project. Combining people in this way will bring different abilities and experiences to the table, resulting in fascinating results. Working in teams wherever possible has been shown in studies to increase employee motivation and productivity, even when the teams work remotely.

10 Ways To Be Creative When You Don't Feel Inspired
10 Ways To Be Creative When You Don’t Feel Inspired

Surrounding yourself with other creatives is a terrific approach to generating consistent creative ideas! There are various methods to find others, whether you meet creatives in person and meet up for in-person collaboration sessions, or follow creatives online for fresh ideas on your laptop.

Social media platforms like Instagram are excellent for expanding your creative network. Further information may be found at

What are the five most important ways you can foster collaboration with individuals you work with?

  • Ensure that everyone is on the same page. Don’t be scared to converse excessively, especially with a distant team.
  • The question is whether to meet or not to meet.
  • Use channels to your advantage.
  • Be a team player while establishing certain ground rules.
  • Let your team members work independently.


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6. Watch an Inspiring TED Talk

There are numerous inspiring TED presentations available for viewing. Whatever your creative endeavor, from science to art, history to technology, there is a TED presentation to inspire you.

TED Presentations can teach you how to think critically about new or difficult knowledge, which will help you almost instantly. Listening to experts present can also help you improve as a leader by guiding how to confidently lead others and yourself. 

TED presentations are entertaining for everyone and urge their listeners to reflect on what they’ve heard. They deliver inspiring stories by combining opinion, technology, and lived experience.

The following are the top 12 TED Talks that will transform your life.

  • ‘The Power of Introverts by Susan Cain
  • ‘Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are,’ says Amy Cuddy.
  • ‘Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator,’ by Tim Urban
  • ‘The Greatest Stats You’ve Ever Seen,’ according to Hans Rosling
  • ‘Why We Need the Explorers,’ by Brian Cox
  • ‘The Problem of Motivation’ by Dan Pink
  • Elizabeth Gilbert is your enigmatic creative genius.
  • Amy Cuddy discusses body language.
  • The Orchestra in My Mouth by Tom Thum.
  • The Astonishing Science of Happiness by Dan Gilbert.
  • The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown.
  • Malcolm Gladwell: Happiness, Choice, and Spaghetti Sauce


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7. Keep a Diary of Your Thoughts

10 Ways To Be Creative When You Don't Feel Inspired
10 Ways To Be Creative When You Don’t Feel Inspired

Journaling may be a great release and source of creative inspiration in the present and future. Your journal is your particular place where you may be honest and free with your writings, allowing what is inside to show through.

How does journaling help you declutter your mind?

  • To begin with: Make a timer. 
  • Pick a time restriction that works for you (if in doubt, write for 15 to 20 minutes).
  • Fill in the blanks with whatever comes to mind. Resist the need to edit yourself.
  • Don’t be concerned about grammar or spelling. 
  • Write till your timer goes off. 
  • After then, go back and reread your entry.

It’s simply writing down your ideas and feelings to better comprehend them. Keeping a journal might also be beneficial if you suffer from stress, despair, or anxiety. It can help you achieve emotional control and improve your mental health.

Seven Ways Journaling Can Help Your Mental Health.

  • Encourages self-assurance.
  • Increases Emotional Intelligence.
  • Aids in Goal Achievement.
  • Encourages Creativity.
  • Improves memory.
  • Improves critical thinking abilities.
  • Improves academic performance.


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8. Listen To Music

Research has been conducted to study the impact of music on human creativity. While this varies from person to person, research suggests that “happy music” (such as upbeat melodies or classical songs) can aid in divergent thinking and creative work for many of us. 

10 Ways To Be Creative When You Don't Feel Inspired
10 Ways To Be Creative When You Don’t Feel Inspired

How does music aid creativity?

In 2017, researchers discovered the effects of various forms of music on creativity. Research has shown that pleasant music with strong emotions boosts creativity. It specifically expands the number of ideas. The essential is that the music has a powerful emotional impact as well as a catchy beat.

Divergent thinking allows us to make unexpected connections and transform knowledge, which is ideal for improving creative work. See how you feel about working with music. Whilst many people appreciate it, it is generally advised not to work while listening to background music or songs without lyrics because they can be distracting.


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5 advantages of music for creativity

  • Music helps to draw people together.
  • Music boosts your health and well-being.
  • Music can boost one’s self-esteem and resilience.
  • Music is a creative expression.
  • Music is entertaining.

9. Return to Nature

Spend some time in nature and appreciate it. Being outside in nature is beneficial, and moving your body is an excellent method to generate fresh thoughts. If you’ve been thinking about a creative problem for a while, answers may come to you when you’re doing something completely unrelated, such as walking or hiking. 

10 Ways To Be Creative When You Don't Feel Inspired
10 Ways To Be Creative When You Don’t Feel Inspired

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Search for hiking trails in your region and get outside. Its breathtaking splendor. Go through the woods, climb a mountain, or simply have a picnic by the pond in your neighborhood park. 

Participate in Nature Though it has been mentioned that taking walks in nature is a fantastic method to be creative in everyday life, it is crucial to recognize how important nature can be when making art. Consider the magnificent works of many prominent painters, many of them are concerned with the natural world.

Some are direct paintings of nature, while others look at the world around us in an abstract manner, yet nature inspires new ways of thinking. Try going for a walk without your phone or headphones, and while you’re out there, take in the scenery. You don’t have to be in a large national park or any place foreign to appreciate our world!

10. Change Your Environment

Get out of the house and visit a different location. Comfort can suffocate creativity. As a result, adjusting the setting allows you to keep your brain flexible.

Several specific categories were discovered that are related to work environment barriers to creativity. 


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The results suggest that the most significant barriers were fear of taking risks, the physical work environment, time constraints, autonomy or independence, and organizational obstructions in the form of control and internal strife. A new setting might inspire you by providing you with a fresh perspective on things.


We must maintain balance to continue producing. Being creative is a constant negotiation between input and output, and remaining inspired necessitates being aware of our surroundings and attentive to how we fuel our creativity. We hope you’re more motivated than ever to attempt some of these suggestions.

Learning to see things from a different perspective in life should inspire your job and keep you and your team engaged. Getting trapped in a creative rut is unpleasant, but there are numerous strategies and tactics to help you get back into your creative flow. To embrace new ideas, you don’t have to be a natural creative; you simply have to be eager and open to them! 

This post, hopefully, has inspired you to move forward and embrace your inner creativity. What are your favorite tips? Tell us in the comments.

How to Be Creative When You’re Not Gifted That Way

Begin with a free write in the morning.
Consider taking a creative course.
When exercising, think about what you want to say.
Travel to different locations.
Bring forth your inner child.
Participate in a coworking space.
Include breaks in every workday.

10 Ways to Increase Creativity

Take a step outside. And take a walk.
Push yourself out of your comfort zone.
Make psychological space.
Read (widely) (widely).
Play some music.
Write (or draw) (or draw).
Prepare a nutritious snack.
Change up your routine.

Precious Ifeoma is an aspiring lawyer interested in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and International Human Rights. She’s an advocate of SDG 1, 2 and 4. She enjoys reading about psychology, watching movies, and listening to music.

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