4 Signs You Are Lonely In Life, Even Though You Have Friends

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The fact that we frequently experience loneliness while having a wide network of friends is undeniably true. 

Nonetheless, the truth remains that no man on earth is an island. 

Even if you think you can manage without them and are comfortable living alone, you will eventually need someone to confide in and talk to. 

This is because true friends are the ones you turn to when you’re feeling low or uncomfortable. 

Ever heard of the quote, “I am lonely, it doesn’t mean that I am alone, it means that I do not have the company I want”? 

This is like hitting the nail on the head. Because it precisely gave a brief yet accurate summary of everything there is to give.

Being alone is quite different from being lonely. Though some people do misconstrue both of them. 

What is the difference, you are wondering, right? 

Being alone has to do with when you are physically by yourself while being lonely has to do with an emotional state, where you feel alone and disconnected from people, even when they are around you. 

You often feel secluded from others, these traits of a lonely person and physical symptoms of loneliness would start to display.

If you have been wondering whether or not you are lonely in life, even with your friends around, we have compiled 5 signs that would help you know that for sure. 

Here are the 5 Signs You are Lonely Even With Friends

1. A heavy sense of Isolation

4 Signs You Are Lonely In Life, Even Though You Have Friends

Constantly having a heavy sense of isolation is one of the most obvious signs of loneliness.

You might be out with friends at a party, for instance, surrounded by a lot of people, but you still feel alone, distant, and disengaged from everyone and everything happening there.

Closely related to this overwhelming feeling of isolation is when you have your friends and family or people around you, but you fail to connect with them on a deeper or more intimate level. 

2. Always on social media 

4 Signs You Are Lonely In Life, Even Though You Have Friends

While many people would disagree with this statement since they think spending a lot of time on social media has nothing to do with loneliness, the reality is that this is an indicator of loneliness. 

Many people, particularly those who are introverted, find comfort in social media. 

When they don’t get enough in-person social engagement, they grow hooked on it.

Considerable people spend hours on social media alone, away from other people. 

Most of the time, they don’t spend these hours chit-chatting or speaking with others. 

Instead, they pass their time watching skits, playing online games, and even going as far as to stream entire seasons of movies. 

These types of individuals prefer being alone in their personal spaces. 

There is a considerable possibility that you are lonely if you fit this description. 

And you may want to consider using social media to enrich your life by making new acquaintances if you feel that you aren’t receiving enough one-on-one time and attention from existing pals. 

This is far better than locking yourself up in your world and becoming increasingly isolated. 

3. You often fall sick 

4 Signs You Are Lonely In Life, Even Though You Have Friends

This is another sign of loneliness particularly for people without health issues or challenges.

Several people have a habit of falling sick whenever they are bored and lonely. 

When they do not have friends or people to speak with presently, they get sad and start overthinking things like, “nobody cares for them and all”, and when they do not find a way to pour out their frustrations, they get stressed out, which in turn makes them sick.

The question now is, are you the type that falls sick whenever bored and lonely? Does this sickness come more often than normal? Yes, right? 

Then this is certainly a sign of loneliness. If you identify with this sign, then you might want to find something that would help ease your stress and keep your mind away from thinking. 

For instance, going to the movies, karaoke, leisure parks, or even the gym, etc. 

That way you would get to meet people you can talk with.

You might also want to consider visiting friends, relatives, or anyone you know, especially one with kids you can play with (if you are a kid lover). 

Doing some of these activities can help free you from loneliness and save you from a lifetime of depression.

4. You are always engrossed in work 

4 Signs You Are Lonely In Life, Even Though You Have Friends: Girls who are lonely

Those who are lonely frequently become lost in their work. These signs of you are Lonely in life, even though you have friends was something I went through last year, and I learnt some important tips.

They take comfort in their line of work when they feel abandoned by everyone else. 

When they are not working, they are engaged in activities that would keep their minds busy. 

To keep themselves busy, they take on a range of tasks both online and offline. 

Particularly at risk are office workers. They always dread the idea of going back home because they know they will find it just as empty, boring, and miserable as when they left.

As a result, they like staying in the workplace and working long hours. 

These sets of people are prone to working late, and they do this intentionally so that they would get home all tired and stressed and slide straight into bed, off to sleep. 

They continue the routine all over again the next day. 

Even when they finish early at work, they prefer going to a club or bar to spend the rest of their day. 

This is certainly a sign of loneliness, and if you find yourself in this shoe, you might want to consider doing something about it, mainly if it comes off as a concern to you.

5. Always in the Habits of Eating 

4 Signs You Are Lonely In Life, Even Though You Have Friends: She is eating and lonely

Loneliness can make you crave even the smallest thing. 

Lonely people are prone to the habit of eating. 

Since they are always free, with little or nothing to keep them occupied, they resort to eating. 

Overeating out of loneliness is something familiar to many folks. 

People in this habit do so because they are emotionally hungry. 

One funny thing about this is the fact that a lot of people have discovered culinary skills they never knew they had. 

Cooking was a common coping strategy for lonely people, and it is now a thriving career.

Those who were able to leave their solitude and found satisfaction and fulfilment in their new profession deserve a big thumbs up. 

If that isn’t the case for you, it is advised that you use your passion for food to learn to cook because you never know when it might come in handy. 

If cooking is not your thing, you could also consider finding other hobbies or talents that could help you evade being lonely.

Related to the habit of eating is drinking and smoking. 

A lot of people, particularly those who are lonely get involved in these to distract their minds. 

Alcohol is considered a depressant and smoking is highly considered so. 

You’ve probably had neighbors or know people who can lock themselves up smoking, drinking, and playing loud music. 

Some factors can contribute to this though but when you are lonely, this is likely a comfort zone to find and though you might find temporary comfort in this, it can quickly degenerate into a habit and seriously affect your health. 

If you are engrossed in this habit, it could be a sign that you are lonely. 

6. Difficulty in sleeping 

You can't sleep due to the signs of loneliness

Ever experienced going to bed with the hope of having a good night’s rest, but instead of that happening, you just lay on the bed tossing and tossing, with no hope of falling asleep anytime soon? 

If you have experienced this or are currently experiencing this, then there is every tendency for you might be lonely.

While many believe constantly sleeping is a sign of loneliness, so also, difficulty in falling asleep has been associated with loneliness. 

People lose sleep when they are lonely, which might be a result of having so much on their minds. 

The free time they have has given them enough time to think, imagine, and fantasize about a lot of things, including irrelevant things. 

They end up staying hours in bed, recounting the day’s activity, and counting from 1 to 1000, and all efforts made to get the much-desired sleep are rendered futile. 

In a situation where this has become a recurring incident, you should consider doing something about it as soon as possible as there is every likelihood that if left unattended, it might degenerate into a sleep-related problem like insomnia.

Conclusion of 6 Signs You Are Lonely In Life, Even Though You Have Friends 

It is undeniably true that everyone feels lonely at one point or another. Loneliness is like an emotional feeling or experience shared by many. 

However, these feelings are personal, and their signs differ.

To some extent, this article highlighted ways to know if you are lonely in life, even though you have friends, by listing 5 of the most common signs often associated with loneliness. 

However, as earlier noted, these signs may differ from person to person. 

In as much as we sometimes feel we can be fine alone, it is important to understand the disparity between being alone and being lonely, 

and if you notice yourself gradually sliding into a world of loneliness, it is best to look out for things that interest you as this would assist you in creeping out of that lonely state.

Do people with a lot of friends get lonely?

Do those with a large social circle ever feel lonely?
In actuality, nothing more accurately predicts how often we feel lonely or alone than the total number of close friends we have. Not only that, but people with more close friends also experience feelings of depression far less frequently

How do lonely people behave?

Constant, unwavering emotions of isolation, separation from others, and an inability to connect on a deeper level are its defining characteristics. Deep-seated emotions of self-doubt, low self-esteem, or social anxiety may also be present.

Precious Ifeoma is an aspiring lawyer interested in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and International Human Rights. She’s an advocate of SDG 1, 2 and 4. She enjoys reading about psychology, watching movies, and listening to music.

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