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Best and Proven Habits of Highly Successful Students.

Successful students with great study habits
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Successful Students, are you one of them?

My dad will always say to use your time well and that you will be proud of every action. Best and proven habits of highly successful students. I’m honestly saying this to you because I know many of us don’t know the value of time and places in our life.

 I won’t come here and play clean, I still procrastinate because I know how long it took before this blog came to pass, but I know I’m effectively and proactively working on making myself better and I do know that’s why you are here. Thank you for checking up. Successful students’ best tips. Continue reading to find out if you are one of them. Successful students impact lives, do you?

How to succeed in college is primarily based on your dexterity and hard work. Good qualities, daily study habits. You want to learn how to study. Some quotes and motivational words to boost your academic growth.

Get Smarter in all Areas

To be called a successful student, your life should show and explain fully. What you do and how you do it. Precious quote “Being successful is a journey, not a destination”. You don’t stop producing and learning. As the saying goes “Life is always teaching so, don’t quit learning”.

General principles to know if someone is truly a successful student. Not just within academic activities, but your life outside. Is your life worthy of emulation? Your life is used as an example or contrary? Successful pupils are destiny’s draftsmen. We strive for the very best and the best is on the way.


Read below to know the best and proven habits of highly successful students.

Achievement does not happen by accident. It’s something people take responsibility for, trying to achieve their goals proactively. They prepare by avoiding last-minute cramming for tests.

They know what they want

You must know what you stand for, and what you believe in. A man that doesn’t stand for something will fall for anything. Successful students make this impact as they know the reward.

They have the very knowledge of where they want to be or where they are going. Being successful is a great thing. Look at the top students and see what they do and check yourself, because sometimes we make mistakes and overlook them.
Note: Not all that works for them will work for you. That’s it, know what you want and yourself.

Always Serious with Their Studies

It’s the key to being one of them. Your study is the main thing in the university, please don’t joke about it. Not at all. And be very realistic about your expectations. See it as, sugar in your Garry or salt in your stew. Without it, I pity your downfall. Successful students set marks for being bookworms because they call them nerds.

Be true to yourself, that you are sincerely studying the right way. After school in Africa and College, info geek helped shape my study life. Sometimes we make it harder

They study smart not hard

A quixotic reader is a blessed virtuoso. You will need to learn the simple tips to study smart. It has helped me to be one of the most successful students out there. So it will help you, but that would be more applicable if you are consistent. The key to becoming great is consistency and inquisitiveness because it will build you.
Four (4) tips on how to study smart

i. Use mnemonic: It helps. I used it and I’m still using the mnemonic method.
ii. Break it down: Easy!!! This works like magic. Don’t try to cram or memorize (you are not a computer).
It will drain your energy and it is terrible.

iii. Study in the group: Research conducted many times and still conducting, concluded that group study is very effective because It helps to remember more and to be able to ask questions. When studying tell your friends about the best and proven habits of highly successful students.
iv. Change the environment: it helps, honestly. Revise more and more. 30 mins are okay. Note: Reverse Flash is a good method to be considered.
Inside affects the outside

They Eat Healthily:

They keep track of all these. You will need to get good nutrients. Good food is necessary, don’t play with it. Your health matters. Successful students eat well to produce good results.

They know the consequences of constantly eating junk food. Try to blend your food with fruits. Get green tea and vegetables to add with. It aids in our memory retention and a good sense of humour. Now is the time to value

They keep good track:

They don’t go around having fun when they are supposed to be home studying and revising. Don’t overbudget yourself with books too. There is time to play and have fun. “But don’t be the jack of all plays and no work”.


They don’t procrastinate:

The best and proven habits of highly successful students. This very act is deadly. Don’t dare mingle with it. A wise man once said, “Remember the best day for every procrastinator is Tomorrow”. If you are going to do this very thing.

I advise you just stop reading this. This is the only obstacle that will score your 0/100. I advise you to start working on your discipline. You have to be committed to the task at hand. Procrastination is a disease. All these are proven habits for successful Students.



They take responsibilities:

They don’t blame others. You must watch your very actions. As our parents are not there for you 24/7 so be smart about every decision you make. You are now alone in school.

You are now the daddy and mummy trying to stay alive to protect your (GPA). Get this in your head. Survive and must win. Create your success in your big picture and work towards it.


They are sincere with themselves:

Sincerity is the ability and quality of being open and truthful. Remember it is your journey to success because whatever attitude or habit you start will either mar you or make you. Becoming successful in college is a daily routine. Whatever it takes, be kind to yourself. If you feel, you need to chill and have fun and do so with sensitivity. The right sense.


Learn to Journal

This works like magic. It will help you to scale through to success. Let it become a habit if you start today. Always try to go out with a pen and a book. Do it well, and see the magic go always and perfectly. The Best and proven habits of highly successful students thought me how to journal well. Extracurricular activities.


Start taking part in school activities:

It took a while for me to learn this. I was this very shy girl, I wouldn’t want to get involved in any extracurricular activities in school until one day my senior prefect advised me and tutored me ever since I don’t miss any.

Make good decisions:

Any decision you make will affect you so endeavour it’s a rectitude one like giving up. So, please don’t suffocate. You are just starting. Stay true to yourself and tell yourself good words of faith. Go out for seminars and conferences that will grow you spiritually and mentally. This very blog will open up more understanding on this very point. We are getting close to the sweet part.


Exercise Regularly:

With stress comes weakness. So please endeavour to exercise your overall body. You need to be rejuvenated and rest. Always learn to relax. You won’t be successful in your grave, please stay alive.

Don’t neglect your sleep:

Your eight hours of sleep are necessary. You can study during the day and evening but at night, try to rest. It is not healthy or thoughtful generally. I made this mistake growing up. I didn’t know it was to my detriment. Guessed I was unable to remember things correctly.


So for my own sake sleep well and enough. To become a successful student you need. Something to note

Please don’t multitask:

Not a wise decision to make, honestly not at all. I learnt that your brain is not designed for multitasking. So when you do you will end up achieving lesser results in all. Best and proven habits of highly successful students is indeed a blog I will relate to because it is my first. You are trying to get seventy-five at this but because you are doing it all at once you will end up getting thirty-one in all or less.


Create and set smart goals:

Your goals should be within a good sphere and must be achievable. Some people will write a goal like (writing a novel every day) how not making sense? So to be successful, watch your goals. Have a good book/diary in which you jot down meaningful and productive ideas.

Have a good reading posture:

Some people don’t know they are injuring their spine the way they read. Your back is your whole body. So learn to have good posture when studying. Your back is like your entire body. If you feel pain there, it affects your total figure. Learn the right way to study.

Go out with focused friends

A bad company is a defect. They will teach more. I learnt about this good posture from a friend. My list is from a coursemate. You will learn a lot from focused friends. The best and proven habit of highly successful students was because I knew my friends need to this.

The Bible advised us Bad company corrupts good manners according to king Solomon. So be wise when choosing friends, because He knows what the reward will be and the end goal. Don’t let anyone choose you. Choose who you are willing to go out with. You are a lot greater than you think. You are different and special.

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So ignite your fire. Success and greatness go hand in hand. So be greatly successful. I believe in you. I always say good words to myself, because I know the effect. To have come here to learn how to become a successful student because I believe you will become more. Best and proven habits of highly successful students

Always remember the God factor:

For in his words in Luke 1:37 with God nothing is impossible. And you need it e is going to give you. The mindset is for you to believe I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me because it will remind you that God is there with you and focus on your goal for success.

The mindset of winners should be emulated:

You must permit yourself to change because even the most intelligent people can sometimes become enslaved to outdated or incorrect beliefs and methods of thinking. To become truly clever, you must allow yourself to make errors, take chances, seize opportunities, and then learn from you may eventually rethink some of your old, core ideas by opening yourself up to new sources of knowledge and challenging your mind to discover.

The schedule you will set will make most of these come to pass. Finally, allowing oneself to adapt, being open to new experiences, and ultimately becoming a different, better version of yourself is essential.


You might discover that some of your assumptions were incorrect because your ideas were not based on facts and ideas should be challenged and discussed with others.

Challenge ideas, have conversations with others about them and listen to opposing viewpoints, and exercise your analytical abilities. However, keep in mind that your opinion may change. Above all, allow yourself to expand and continue on your quest for enlightenment because success will follow as you become smarter.
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I will recommend a book for you to read. Title: 17 Secrets Of High-Flying Students.
By Fela Durutoye

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