Top 30 Important Life Lessons You Must Learn Before Turning 30

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Top 30 Important Life Lessons You Must Learn Before Turning 30, This article means a lot to me. Turning 20 this year by November 2022, phew is truly a big thing for me.

I want it to be one of the most beautiful birthdays I will ever have. The reason you ask? Because looking back on the years, I finally came to the realization that I am a quarter of a century old, and in 10 more years, I will be 30. Top 30 Important Life Lessons You Must Learn Before Turning 30

I believe that life gives you obstacles along the way for a reason. Overcoming these obstacles is another step towards moving forward in your life.

To some who are younger than me, twenty years may seem like a lot. To those who are older, it may seem like not that many years at all. There is still much I want to explore, but I wanted to celebrate with a list of the most important lessons I learned in those few years I walked the earth.

Your life is super amazing!

Top 30 Important Life Lessons You Must Learn Before Turning 30

I listened to a more older Friend and we discussed and opened up. Here’s something I can say from that. The first few years of your career, you’re graded on a bit of a curve. I’ve learned a lot in these last 20 years, certainly more than one could ever put in a blog post.

I know that there’s still so much that I don’t know, but here’s what I do. I wanted to share those learning with you all and perhaps my younger self as a reminder that we are all fumbling through this thing called life together.

I still feel 16 and maybe always will. I have always felt a little bit more mature than my age suggests, so maybe I welcome 20 as my official “you made it.” This is where you belong. This is where you will thrive.


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 It’s generally why you make less when you’re young and have less influence within an organization. Because, when you are 23 years old, there are just a lot of skills you haven’t mastered yet.

But that should change by age 30. This is why by age 30 (and probably even a few years before), that curve goes away. By then, the expectation is you’ve mastered some universal skills needed to build a lasting career.

I started making a list of all the life lessons I wished I had learned before that milestone birthday.

Top 30 Important Life Lessons You Must Learn Before Turning 30

The theme of my list seemed centered on family, love, struggle, finances, and forgiveness.

While all our stories and lessons are different, these lessons’ common themes can apply to each and everyone; whether you are already 30 or approaching The Big 3-0 soon.


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Remember it’s in the living we live!

Lessons are a part of life, the good, the bad, and the ones we will never understand. This is a beautiful thing to understand.  Most of us turn 30 and never really feel prepared for the next chapter in our lives. Family, work, kids, and owning a house, are all major milestones that are headed our way. Learning these 30 lessons before you turn 30 is critical to the setup of your future.

1. Learn To Forgive

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I’ve learned over time that people can change so don’t bother when it happens. I’ve had times when people who were so close to me became people I knew. There is something my Pastor said and I quote

“Unforgiveness is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die”. 

For your mental health let everything go. Forgiveness opens the door to more happiness. If someone or a group of friends ain’t cool with you anymore even if you guys were friends before. Even if you know for a fact you did nothing, trust me something happened but maybe not true.

Try to find out and resolve the issue, stand up for yourself and let go. I’ve had times when a secret told in confidence was ratted out to someone who wasn’t even my Friend. I know it can be depressing but trust me it’s worth it you found out where and how it all happened.  Top 30 Important Life Lessons You Must Learn Before Turning 30

Top 30 Important Life Lessons You Must Learn Before Turning 30

Forgiveness is vital to your well-being and should be done for yourself. There are many things I can think of that are unforgivable, and yet I have seen people forgive. This doesn’t mean that you have to associate with people or allow them into your life.

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2. Around Non-Romantic Relationships and Friendship.

Don’t make accommodations for those who wouldn’t give you the same consideration. I was always the all in all for my friends. Once you reach a point where you have what others want, they’re going to come running with their hands out and be selective about who you answer the door for.

This is a lesson I learned the hard way. I always want to help and share and offer advice but have been burned many times in the past by people who have less than fair motives. Just because someone is asking doesn’t mean you have to answer. 

Learn to realize that everyone has people who love them in their life, so treat everyone with respect. Even if you don’t, someone somewhere cares for them.

It’s perfectly OK to not have a big group of girlfriends. Having a few great friends is better than a bunch of mediocre ones. It’s cool to be kind. We’re all huge weirdos anyway. Not everyone is going to get you. Hold tight to the people who see you.

There’s a fine line between being nice and being a doormat. 

I spent far too long working my schedule around what worked for clients and friends, getting little consideration in return. It’s OK to make fitness appointments with yourself and to keep them! Be cautious with your time but also show up for the people who show up for you.

3. You don’t only live once. 

This comic strip had a huge impact on my thinking. Yes, one day you will be dead. But it takes about seven years to master something. If you live to be 88, after age 11, you have 11 opportunities to be great at something. Most people never let themselves die and cling to that one life.

But you can spend a life writing songs, another life building things, and another life looking for facts. You have many lives. Live them.

4. Your professional life around Work.

Top 30 Important Life Lessons You Must Learn Before Turning 30

It’s satisfying to prove people wrong but also great to prove them right. That’s a cool thing, please. What I mean is, it’s great to do what others say you can’t but even better when you aren’t surprising those supportive people around you that always believe you could. 

Create a supportive community around you. Delete and avoid the drama. Mistakes are only mistakes if you don’t learn from them.

Top 30 Important Life Lessons You Must Learn Before Turning 30

I used to think that successful people had it all figured out and they were these superior beings like they unlocked some sort of key to happiness and wealth. But wealth doesn’t necessarily bring you happiness, and in most cases, successful people just figured out that there are no shortcuts to success and don’t ever really feel like they’ve made it. On the other side, hard work is just more hard work. Truly successful people just get up every time they’ve been knocked down.

5. Doing the right things and for good reasons. 

I have made many mistakes, and I will make many more. But the biggest mistakes I have made are not the ones where things went wrong. They are the ones where I forced myself to do something for the wrong reasons what I imagined was expected from me, what I thought would look best on my CV, and what would be the most logical next step. 

6. Networking for me honestly I don’t get it. 

I prefer my stay and randomly get associated or communicate with people genuinely. I honestly can’t stand the whole process. To me, it is all fake. 

7. Your habits define you. 

I learned that we’re only the sum of our habits, routines, and rituals. I wrote a recent blog post on these.


“The Best And Proven Habits Of Highly Successful Students”


When I was younger, I used to try to define my identity by projecting a certain persona, which sometimes was at odds with my true beliefs and values perhaps because I didn’t know what my beliefs and values were in the first place. 


Learned to save, grow and invest your money. 

It’s crucial. I wrote an article on money-saving tips for students. 

Breakdown To The Top 30

1. Money does not buy happiness.

  1. Save your money.
  2. Work hard for your money. 
  3. Breathe.
  4. Top 30 Important Life Lessons You Must Learn Before Turning 30

    Family always comes first.

  5. Pick a career you will love, and the money will follow.
  6. Put your phone down once in a while.
  7. Enjoy the moments with the ones you love.
  8. Save your money.
  9. Top 30 Important Life Lessons You Must Learn Before Turning 30

    Keep current with politics and worldly news not always social media.

  10. Make new friends.
  11. Plan an adventure.
  12. Adults aren’t scary, believe me.
  13. Top 30 Important Life Lessons You Must Learn Before Turning 30
  14. Don’t take life too seriously.
  15. Take up many hobbies.
  16. Get out of the house, and go for long walks
  17. Turn off your phone once in a while.
  18. Look after your health, you are going to want to be on earth for a long time, trust me.
  19. Did I mention save?
  20. Spend more time with family.
  21. GET more sleep, oh, and take lots of naps.
  1. Write in a journal, so you can look back on it one day and smile.

  2. Relationships will come and go but your friends will always be there.
  3. Work hard, and play hard.
  4. Treat yourself once in a while, to movies, a spa, or a trip. Go for it!
  5. Live each moment one step at a time, nothing worth waiting for was ever rushed.
  6. Top 30 Important Life Lessons You Must Learn Before Turning 30

    Learn patience, I know this seems hard, but it will be good for you.

  7. Experience as many things as you can before you have kids.
  8. Learn how to invest your money.
  9. Find your passion, and never look back.

Precious Ifeoma is an aspiring lawyer interested in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and International Human Rights. She’s an advocate of SDG 1, 2 and 4. She enjoys reading about psychology, watching movies, and listening to music.

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