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20 Tech YouTube Channels For Developers in 2024

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The Architects of the digital future are the developers. This blog post has been specially articulated just for you so that you can fast-track your growth by following the 20 Tech YouTube Channels For Developers which we have carefully curated. 

The tech industry evolves rapidly, redefining how we live and carry out our day-to-day activities.

Every developer at this time, with the rate at which the digital world is evolving, and as it’s fast taking over the analog age, what’s the best way to step up the game, if not becoming an expert in developing whether as a web developer, or mobile app developer or even a web designer by Immersing yourself with top programming tutorials. 

YouTube is a platform beyond just entertainment, as it’s also a place of education. 

Tech YouTubers share their insights, knowledge, and experiences on YouTube.

It is a goldmine of Top Programming tutorials. On YouTube, coding guides are given by skilled Tech YouTubers with content on a wide range of programming languages, frameworks, and technologies. 

Developers can access high-quality, free resources on YouTube to expand their skills and knowledge. 

Even if you are just beginning the journey of being a developer, YouTube has all it takes to escalate your process of becoming a pro. Get tips on self-development as a techy 

This blog post has been specially articulated just for you so that you can fast-track your growth by following the 20 Tech YouTube Channels For Developers which we have carefully curated. 

We have selected YouTube channels of helmed Tech experts, pro developers, and top tech YouTubers who are also owners or DevOps tutors and are passionate about sharing their knowledge and wealth of experience in the tech industry to help you journey through becoming a pro developer in 2024. 

These channels are more than just a collection of Top Programming tutorials; they are different Developers’ community Insights and a breakthrough in the ever-advancing world of technology. 

So, would you like to join me as we review the list of the best Tech YouTube Channels For Developers in 2024 that will change the shape of your developer’s community Insights in 2024?

20 Tech YouTube Channels For Developers in 2024

1.  Net Ninja 

Net Ninja Class tutorials on Youtube

The Net Ninja is a YouTube channel owned by a Tech YouTuber, Shaun Pelling. 

Net Ninja has over one million subscribers and over two thousand video content on tech. 

NetNinja channel has tutorial videos on modern Javascript, HTML and CSS, React, PHP, and MySQL from beginner to advanced level, equipping developers with the skills needed to excel in tech.

2. Traversy Media 

Traversy Media is a tech YouTube channel for developers founded by Brad Trasversy, an American developer. Traversy Media Has over two million subscribers and a hundred videos. 

This Tech YouTube channel features all the latest web technologies ranging from building blocks of CSS to HTML, Java, and frontend frameworks like Vue and React. 

Also, in backend technologies like Python and PHP. 

3. Chrome for developers

Chrome for developers (Chrome DevTools)  is built directly into the Google Chrome browser. 

Has Seven hundred and fifteen thousand subscribers and one thousand plus video content. 

It has a set of web developer tools to help Developers grow and be innovative. 

Chrome for developers is a wide range of tutorials of web development courses with broad Developer Community Insights. 

Beginners can get confused starting with the Chrome for Developers YouTube channel. However,  advanced developers can get more insights. 

4.  Free code camp. Org 

20 Tech YouTube Channels For Developers in 2024

This channel has more than eight million subscribers with one thousand plus video tutorials on coding. 

This tech YouTube channel is beginner-friendly because a beginner can navigate through and build to an advanced level. 

Free code camp also has other channels in different languages such as Espanol, Portuguese, Hindi, Arabic, Japanese, etc 

5.  Fireship


Jeff Delaney created fireship. Fireship is one of the very important channels every developer should visit. 

Fireship has two million plus subscribers and five hundred and eighty-four video content. 

They have top programming tutorials and tech news that help in app DevOps. 

However, this channel is not so beginner-friendly.

6. Tech With Tim

Tech with Tim

Tech with Tim has over one million subscribers and nine hundred and twenty-two video content. 

There’s a wide range of programming tutorials and machine language learning. 

They lay more emphasis on JavaScript and Python learning. 

You can also get free coding resources from this channel. 

Beginners can easily navigate this channel. 

7. The Coding Train 

Daniel Shiffman owns the Coding Train. It has over one million subscribers and over one thousand video content. 

It is a developer community insight channel dedicated to learning coding. 

You can join their community and learn from other tech professionals. 

This channel is very friendly to beginners as it gives a step-by-step guide to whatever programming course you want to learn as a developer. 

8. Stem Coding

Stem Coding

Stem Coding is a tech YouTube channel for any level Developer, including a young age developer. 

It has eleven thousand plus subscribers and a hundred and eighty-four video content. 

They try to infuse coding into high school physics, chemistry, and mathematics, focusing on using P5 Js for all coding activities. 

9. Corey Schafer

This is a tech YouTube channel for developers (software developers, engineers, and programmers). 

It has a million plus subscribers and two hundred and thirty-two videos. 

If you want to master the use of Python, Corey Schafer is a good YouTube channel for you.

It focuses from beginners to advanced level.

10. Developed by Ed

Developer by ED

Ed is a full-stack tech YouTuber from Romania. He started the Developed by Ed YouTube channel for Developers in 2018. 

This channel covers topics like web development, web design, UI/UX, game DevOps, etc. Ed makes learning coding fun for developers. 

This YouTube channel has eight hundred and eighty-eight subscribers and two hundred and thirty-four videos. 

11.  Flutter

Flutter is a tech YouTube channel for developers. 

It is a top programming tutorial on using a flute in UI design. 

If you want to be an expert with Flutter SDK, this is the right channel for you. 

Flutter has five hundred and fourteen thousand subscribers and four hundred and sixty videos. 

Whether you are just beginning with Flutter or already have a basic knowledge and looking to advance into becoming an expert, the Flutter channel is for you. 

12.   Mozilla Developer

Mozilla Developer

Mozilla Developer is an advanced tech YouTube channel. 

It has top programming tutorials to help Developers and programmers with their work.

13.  Derek Banas 

Dereks Banas

Derek Banas is a great tech YouTuber. 

His YouTube channel covers a variety of programming tutorials and machine language and Data Science. C++ tutorials, Python learning, Java programming e.t.c

14.  Programming with Mosh

Programming with mosh

Mosh is a tech YouTuber; I love his channel and his curated videos. He offers lots of full courses, and that’s a plus for any beginner. 

In his YouTube channel, he focuses on using Python and Java for front-end and back-end developers. 

This channel has top programming tutorials covering you from the beginner to the pro level.

15. Academind

Academind Platform

Academind is a YouTube channel with a broad top programming tutorial for different types and levels of programmers and developers. 

See a wide range of Tech Skills to learn in 2024

16. Code Course

The code course background image

Code Course makes work easy for developers, teaching you the latest web language. 

Everything related to recent code and its languages is taught in the Code Course. 

I would say it’s one of the top tech YouTube channels for developers to learn how to code.

17. Adams Khoury

The Adams Khoury Channel

Adams Khoury is a tech YouTuber. 

His channel focuses on teaching developers to become tech experts through technologies like SQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, etc. 

18.  CS Dojo

The Ide of CS DOJO

CS Dojo is a tech YouTube channel owned by a Japanese Developer named Yk.  

It covers a comprehensive tutorial on tips in Computer Science every developer should know. 

19.  thenewboston 

20 Tech YouTube Channels For Developers in 2024
20 Tech YouTube Channels For Developers In 2024.

Thenewboston channel is a YouTube channel with two million subscribers and over four thousand video tutorials. 

It has a variety of programming videos for developers and related videos to computer science and Blockchain. 

20. Clement Mihailescu

20 Tech YouTube Channels For Developers In 2024.

If you’re looking to be a full-stack developer, this tech YouTube channel is for you. 

It is one of the top tech YouTube channels for developers in 2024. 

This channel is owned by a software engineer who has worked for both Google and Facebook. 

He teaches developers how to prepare for interviews. After starting full stack with Traversy, Clement Mihailescu prepares you to get a job. 


In conclusion, as we march into 2024 and as the tech world continues to evolve at a rapid pace, these 20 Tech YouTube Channels for Developers will offer you a  wealth of knowledge, insights, and inspiration to stay at the forefront.

Whether you are a seasoned developer or you are just starting your coding journey.

These channels are your gateway to staying informed, acquiring new skills, and becoming a more proficient developer in  2024.

So why not begin the journey of exploring tech in 2024? Following the 20 Tech YouTube Channels for Developers. 

Dive into a world of innovation, coding wizardry, and problem-solving. 

The future of tech awaits genius developers like you, and the adventure begins with deciding to start watching today. 

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