7 Tips To Look And Be More Confident On Camera

Tips To Look And Be More Confident On Camera
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Roll, Light, Camera, Action!! 7 Tips To Look And Be More Confident On Camera is just the best blog post for my content creators.

“The new era is the digital world.”

We are in an endless loop of technological advancements and upgrades, and it is all around; virtually everything can now be done digitally, from conferences to meetings to class lectures and even family dinners.

Content creation is king, so if technology is all around and changes everything so, why not content creation too?

No idea, irrespective of how creative or fantastic it is, is fully achieved until shared with people who can relate and buy into the picture, so a proper medium of communication is needed. 

Previously, newspapers, magazines, and radios were the best content, but with the digital era here, so is video content. 

Nothing is more captivating and entertaining than visuals, and with the attention-driven society we live in today, the better your video content, the more audience you can attract.

Studies have also shown that more than 75% of people understand things better with visuals, so the next time you’re stuck or having difficulty learning something, try watching a video.

As you know, there is no video content without a camera, so are you looking for how to create that fantastic YouTube video, how to look and feel confident and relaxed on camera for your ad shoot? 

Whatever it may be, welcome aboard because here are seven tips to help you look and be more confident on camera.

1. Have A Plan /Prepare A Script:

7 Tips To Look And Be More Confident On Camera

With a plan being on camera is a whole lot easier because you have a plan, and your project acts like your guide; with a plan, you know what to do, when to do it, and most importantly, how to do it, so it helps you understand how to feel confident on camera.

Since you’re going to be visible while on camera, the most important thing to consider is your outward look and your words, and with a plan, all that’s settled because you have not just an opportunity to say what you want. 

Still, how to say it as well with this, you know how to gain confidence on camera.

But try not to be too focused on your script that you end up sounding tight and rigid, rather breathe, relax, and let the words flow naturally, and this is a sure way to feel confident on camera.

2. Know What You Have To Say 

Words are strong. Having a plan is good but not good enough. You also need to know your comments. 

Knowing what to say helps you understand how to gain confidence on camera. 

Don’t worry about being experienced rather just be prepared by getting familiar with your topic. 

When you know the right words to use and how to use them, you already feel confident enough on camera, so you pass across the message more accessible and seem more confident even if you are not.

Also, learn to speak slowly, most people tend to talk fast when sure of what to say so if you are one of those people, practice talking slowly because talking fast might make you seem less confident. 

3. Practice

7 Tips To Look And Be More Confident On Camera

You have a plan and know what to say now. Practice your technique and speech. 

This is not just practicing but rather practicing continuously because the more you practice, the more familiar you get with your words.

Now you can practice using my favorite method, “the mirror hack” this is you standing and practicing what you want to present in front of a mirror.

A mirror shows you your true reflection, so you see yourself, how you look, speak, body moves, etc. 

A mirror works just like a camera. It shows you what you show it; the only difference is that you can see yourself with a mirror, but with a camera, you can’t unless shown to you. 

Mirror Mirror on the wall, do I look confident enough? 

You can also get a few friends and practice in front of them. With these, you can get the feeling of the audience watching you and learn how to look confident on camera even if you are not. 

This is a sure way to know how to be confident on camera. 

4. Find Your Zone

Your zone is your comfort place; you must free your mind of any thoughts because the more thoughts you have, the more worried you will get, so just try and relax.

Finding your zone is a sure way to know how to feel and be confident because you are in your safe space, and you feel less pressure, so you perform better. 

Things to help you get in your zone before going on camera.

Have Your Meal

7 Tips To Look And Be More Confident On Camera

Don’t make the mistake of trying to skip your meals because you are tensed or nervous rather you should concentrate more on having enough energy.

Also, when eating, don’t overeat. 

This is worse than not eating at all because you will feel heavy and bloated and hence less confident on camera. 


You can do a few exercises to help relax and keep your mind distracted, nothing too serious though, to avoid burnout if you are not the exercise type, then maybe do some yoga, or you can take a walk or run.


7 Tips To Look And Be More Confident On Camera

Music is soothing; you can play some relaxing songs. Even better, your favorite music while dancing to it; this automatically puts you in an elevated and high-spirited mood because you are completely lost in your world. 

This is one of the best tips for becoming more confident on camera. 

5. Your Appearance 

7 Tips To Look And Be More Confident On Camera

You don’t need to look like Paris Hilton to feel confident. 

Yes, your clothes are essential! So dress the way you want people to see you. 

Your dressing should be comfortable for you but yet exude the right amount of confidence you need.  

You should wear clothes with not too bright colors but light-colored clothes, so the colors complement and blend well on camera. 

Also, many people fall under the impression that heavy makeup and jewelry make you look posh and so better on camera; it’s wholly untrue. 

So avoid heavy makeup and jewelry, or else you want to end up looking like a painted image on the camera.

While glasses may kind of give you a professional look, it’s not a priority to wear them.

Just try to be more natural and yourself, anything to make you feel like you are at maybe your exclusive party and the center of attention will make you know how to be confident on camera.

6. Posture And Body Language 


Learn to sit, stand and walk like a king or queen. Your posture shouldn’t be shabby but straight, shoulders up, chest relaxed and outward, and your head held high. 

Every movement of your body should show confidence. 

Mind you; you shouldn’t look standoffish or robot-like while trying to look confident. 

You should also not look timid while trying to look relaxed. 

Maintain a balance, so you don’t give off the wrong vibes. 

Body Language And Gestures 

What you don’t say, your body language shows your body language is an indirect reflection of how you feel, so try to align your body language better.

Don’t face the camera with your side but instead with your front also keep your shoulders straight. 

Don’t slouch if you’re going to be strung. You can find your hands in front of you; if not, keep them relaxed at your sides. 

If you’re an expressive talker, that is, you move your hands while you talk,  it’s okay as long as you keep in mind not to overdo it.

Also, learn to smile; smiling is one of the ways how to feel confident on camera. When you smile, you put yourself and everyone else around or watch you at ease. 

I bet you no one likes or wants to watch a stern face on camera.

7. Don’t Be Perfect 

You’re not a hero or an avenger, so don’t try to act like one. No one is perfect, so don’t try to be perfect on camera. 

You will end up looking rigid and forced. 

Also, your video content must not be perfect, and it just has to be good enough to o give room for error. 

That way, people find you more relatable and understand you easier as they make mistakes too. 

So keep going and finish the best way you can. 


Looking confident on camera is easier for some people than it is for others.

For some, it requires continuous practice and other preparation, but for some, how to feel confident on camera is easier for them as it comes naturally. 

An introvert may find it difficult and not know how to feel confident on camera because they are reserved by nature. 

However, to an extrovert who is very expressive and loves the spotlight, being on camera might just be the fulfillment of a dream long had. 

As you can see, there is a massive difference between the two, so you think it’s easier for one, but an extrovert gets nervous too, and most times, there are a whole lot of frantic nerves behind that loud mouth. 

So just like anything else that needs to be done, being perfect or even good enough on camera requires practice. 

The more you practice, the better your chance at excellence. 

So don’t worry whether it’s your first or one-millionth time on camera with these tips, you are on the right path to knowing how to feel and be confident on camera even if you are not. 

Precious Ifeoma is an aspiring lawyer interested in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and International Human Rights. She’s an advocate of SDG 1, 2 and 4. She enjoys reading about psychology, watching movies, and listening to music.

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