How to Communicate Better & Confidently As An Introvert

How to speak with confidence as an introvert
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Let’s learn: How to Communicate Better & Confidently As An Introvert. Expressions, gestures, and body language are all means of communication, but words have an effect like no other; with words, you can express yourself in ways far beyond your gestures and expressions can. 

No one would like to have a one-sided conversation. Just imagine how boring will that be. As we know, good communication is vital to building relationships.

Every relationship is formed by e.g personal, friendship, business, or love starting from good communication between both parties either by texting or face-to-face discussions.

Hence, the need to know how to communicate better as an introvert is a big asset you need to have.  Being expressive with words may come naturally to some people called extroverts lucky them while the other set of people, the introverts, are expressive in ways different than their words, now this may be both an advantage and a disadvantage. 

Now studies have shown that introverts are more likely to be creative thinkers and problem-solvers because they have fewer distractions due to their reserved nature.

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How to Communicate Better & Confidently As An Introvert

Hence, little to no human interactions and distractions rather they spend more time surrounded by their thoughts. So dear introvert, you might as well be on the path to being the next Albert Einstein, unlike the extrovert who is more likely to end up as a talk show host or journalist. 

I once met an introvert who loves playing basketball, but because of his reserved nature he didn’t join the school basketball club or participate in any games rather he watched from the sidelines. 

He knew he was better than most players, but he couldn’t figure out how to put himself out there. So here are five ultimate things you need to know  about how to communicate better as an introvert 

5 Hacks To Know How To Communicate Better As An Introvert. 

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How, then should an introvert communicate? And that too simply, without worry or fear? Find out now!

1.  Imagine It 

Ohh, if you knew what just a simple imagination can do, with imagination you can change your thought process and dive into a completely different world. 

As an introvert, you generally think a lot, and you have your personal space as well, so make good use of it and have your alone time, breathe, relax, and just go with the flow; the mind is a very powerful weapon so use it well. 

Imagine yourself put on it pictures and images on it to make it more real to you. Having the perfect conversation you can use someone you know but haven’t met. 

Introverts are creative thinkers.

How to Communicate Better & Confidently As An Introvert

So they love everything art e.g, music, painting, and artistic works and designs sometimes even acting.

Why not picture a mental image of yourself with maybe your favorite artist discussing your love for music or the arts or it could be someone you consider your role model and look up to? 

Now, anybody, be it an introvert or an extrovert, has a role model or maybe a celebrity idol or crush who they love and adore so much and would someday want to meet and spend time with.

So, as an introvert who is blessed with a wild imagination, you can create that with just your thoughts and your mind. 

Mind you, this doesn’t have to be a one-time activity; you can create it as many times as you want until you feel comfortable enough within yourself to not just know how to communicate as an introvert but also how to communicate with confidence as an introvert. 

Having a conversation with someone like this no matter how reserved or shy you may feel just puts you at ease and gives you this over-the-top-of-the-world feeling, indeed it is refreshing. 

This is also one of the best communication exercises for introverts. 

2. Practice /Work On It 

How to Communicate Better & Confidently As An Introvert

Perfection is unattainable, but excellence is achievable so with continuous practice you familiarize yourself with the order of events during communication, what to do when to do it, and how to communicate better as an introvert. 

With this, communication becomes easier. 

You have imagined the conversation now practice it. One of the ultimate hacks for speaking confidently is the mirror hack.  

Practice talking in front of a mirror when you do so, you don’t only work on your confidence and fluency of speech but also your expressions, gestures, and body language.

Because you now see everything right in front of you, you notice how your body moves while you talk so you can better align your body movements to suit your speech this is also a great communication exercise for introverts.

Most great speakers do this to reduce their nervousness and build confidence 

I bet Martin Luther King Jr did this mirror hack before presenting his famous “I have a dream” speech. 

Introverts are known to have few friends and studies have shown that two out of every three friends of an introvert are extroverts, just like the saying opposite attracts.

So what a perfect way to practice than in front of your extrovert friends, as they are more likely to give you real-life examples and their honest opinions, and you learn from them too and know how to communicate as an introvert. 

3. Leave Your Comfort Zone 

How to Communicate Better & Confidently As An Introvert

Your comfort zone is your safe space and hiding place, where you are most comfortable there is nothing as hindering as your comfort zone. 

In your comfort zone, there is no room for risks, mistakes, trial and error, learning, gaining experience, and, most importantly, failure and learning from your failure. 

You have imagined it and as well practiced it, so now it’s time to put your practice to the test because continuous practice without actual work doesn’t necessarily bring results, so practice less and do more 

 For you to know how to communicate better as an introvert, you need to move away from your safe space, e.g, the comfort of your home, friends, and family, and even your familiar environment. 

This doesn’t mean you should inconvenience yourself, but rather you should move away from the air of familiarity and allow yourself to be open to new air, things, experiences, people, places, and opportunities which will help you communicate better as an introvert. 

4. Listen More

Communication isn’t only about talking. It is more than that it also requires listening; at least two people needed to have a conversation but both parties can’t be talking at the same time one has to talk while the other listens 

Attentive listening is one of the things to know on how to communicate better as an introvert.

It is key to a great conversation because the listener keeps the flow of the conversation both with his gestures and expressions e.g the way he smiles, nods his head, raises his eyebrows, etc shows his interest in the conversation. 

Introverts are naturally great listeners so this attentiveness to the topic and person speaking helps them easily flow with the conversation.

And they do so, either by making small talk or asking questions, and before you know it, you are both asking yourselves how you got to that topic. 

That’s because you are both enjoying the discussion. 

5. Invest In Yourself 

How to Communicate Better & Confidently As An Introvert

You are the most important person there is so treat yourself like you are one.  

Being introverted is normal. It just means that you are sensitive so now you need to know and understand yourself e.g your strengths and weaknesses, your likes and dislikes, and even your hobbies having understood that makes the process of knowing to communicate as an introvert easier.  

So invest in yourself, and acquire communication skills to learn how to express yourself more.

Try and relate to the conversation also, focus more on the quality of conversation than the quantity, and start small talk more about things you like and are comfortable with speaking about 

Also, self-love is needed

Go easy on yourself; give yourself time to learn, think, grow, and understand how to communicate better as an introvert. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day also; no great conversationalist was made in a day 


As an introvert, you express yourself in ways other than your words, but your words are needed to help you communicate easily, so you need to know not just how to communicate better as an introvert but also how to communicate with confidence as an introvert. These tips will help you to communicate better & confidently as an introvert.

In today’s world and with times changing so rapidly having a communication barrier is not advisable so there is an urgent need to be able to communicate both fluently and confidently, especially as an introvert.

As the saying goes your network is your net worth, and your ability to know how to communicate whether as an extrovert or introvert will determine your relationship status quo and invariably your place in society. 

Being an introvert is normal. 

It has the advantage of personal space and privacy, but it also has the disadvantage of lack of experience and exposure. 

As an introvert no matter how good you are at whatever you do, nobody is going to know until you show them your abilities so you need to put yourself out there and show the world your talents and abilities to enable you to be successful in life. 

How do I improve my communication skills as an introvert?

How can an introvert improve communication?
Don’t just sit back and listen. One trait that many introverts are praised for is listening.
Don’t push yourself to say any more than necessary.
Do not doubt the worth of your voice.
In advance of meetings, prepare.
Deal with the discomfort directly

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