10 Most Important Books on Time Management and Productivity

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10 most important books on time management and productivity, has been on my mind for a long time.

You know the saying productive procrastinator, you know you want to achieve something but due to lots of thoughts on getting things done the right way, you would find out hours has gone by and nothing was achieved.

It was in all these thinking and process, I decided to make my own research and I bought of some on time management and here are my recommendations.

I was so sick of feeling buried under a mountain of obligations and due dates? I normally wish there was a better method for me to organize my time and increase my output. So, if you are like me? don’t go anywhere.

I guess yes, you’re in luck, then! I have put together a list of the best time management and productivity books that are sure to change the way you approach your daily life.

These literary jewels will arm you with priceless ideas, techniques, and insights to retake control over your important time, whether you’re a student, a professional, or simply seeking personal growth.

Prepare to increase your productivity, accomplish your objectives, and unleash the immense potential that is within you! So let’s dig into this comprehensive book and set out on a quest for a happier and more successful future.

Time is money

This aphorism dates back to Benjamin Franklin’s writing in the 1700s, but it remains true today.

If anything, it’s even harder to control the way we spend time, with so many distractions around us.

Fortunately, there are many books with advice on this very issue. But even finding the right time management books takes time, which you want to save. So we’ve made it easier for you

What is Time Management

Time management is the coordination of people’s tasks and activities to maximize the effectiveness of their efforts.

Elements include organization, planning, and scheduling to best take advantage of the time available to the individual, while also taking into account that individual’s particular situation and relevant characteristics.

Benefits of Time Management.

10 Most Important Books on Time Management and Productivity

The ability to manage your time effectively is important. Good time management leads to improved efficiency and productivity, less stress, and more success in life. Here are some benefits of managing time effectively:

1. Stress relief

Making and following a task schedule reduces anxiety. As you check off items on your “to-do” list, you can see that you are making tangible progress.

This helps you avoid feeling stressed out with worry about whether you’re getting things done.

2. More Time

Good time management gives you extra time to spend in your daily life. People who can time-manage effectively enjoy having more time to spend on hobbies or other personal pursuits.

3. More opportunities

Managing time well leads to more opportunities and less time wasted on trivial activities. Good time management skills are key qualities that employers look for. 

10 Most Important Books on Time Management and Productivity.

If you are keen on reading books that can help you with time management and becoming successful, you’re in the right place. We have listed 10 popular books on time management and productivity in this blog.

1. Getting Things Done: 

A lady reading some of the best productivity books out there

Getting Things Done is a modern classic book on productivity. David Allen, the author of this productivity book, argues that people’s ability to relax directly affects their productivity. Organizing one’s thoughts and being productive and creative is possible to clear one’s mind.

With the help of this book, readers will be capable of revisiting their goals, delegating tasks to others, planning projects, and overcoming anxiety.

The book provides fundamental principles and proven tricks for transforming people’s work to become more efficient and successful.

2. Eat That Frog

The best 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time by Brian Tracy. Additionally, Tracy shares successful time management techniques like how to set goals, get organized, practice the “Law of Three,” and apply the 80/20 Rule.

What does eating a frog have to do with saving time? According to author Brian Tracy, writer Mark Twain said that if you eat a live frog in the morning, it will be the worst thing you will do all day. Hence, the rest of the day will be much more productive. This book helps you save more time by encouraging you to tackle the most important tasks first.

3. The War of Art By Steven Pressfield

For creativity and self-discipline, The War of Art is a wonderful book. When attempting something new, it is easy to become overwhelmed by fears, apprehensions, and doubts.

When you do art, write, build a business, or make music, you’ll always experience fear and doubt. The book brilliantly leads you out of doubting headspaces and leads you forward to building, making, or creating. 

‘The War of Art’ outlines the obstacles that artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, and others have to overcome when following their creativity. 

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4. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: 

10 Most Important Books on Time Management and Productivity

Powerful Lessons in Personal Change” by Stephen R. Covey. First published in 1989, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is regularly considered the best book to read if you want to improve your productivity both professionally and personally.

It focuses on developing new habits so that you can stay on track as opposed to eliminating bad habits. Most notably, defining your goals and priorities.

Covey uses the analogy of placing rocks, pebbles, and sand into a jar to help you define what’s really important. If you start by putting the little things, such as the pebbles or sand, the rocks won’t fit.

However, if you begin with the rock there’s enough room for you to put the tinier items around them in the jar.

5. Organize Tomorrow Today By Dr. Jason Selk and Tom Bartow.

8 Ways to Retrain Your Mind to Optimize Performance at Work and in Life. Direct

or of mental training for the St. Louis Cardinals, and business coach Tom Bartow’s Organize Tomorrow Today, this book outlines the eight most effective ways to optimize your organization. 

As a result, you’ll focus on process-oriented goals that will guide you in maximizing your time and breaking bad habits.

6. 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think by Laura Vanderkam

When we think about saving time, most of us think in terms of days—and this is where we go wrong. Laura Vanderkam urges us to “steal time” from ourselves.

She interviewed a wide range of successful people to discover that they all put the important stuff first. By doing this and thinking about your hours instead of days, you can save time too.

7. The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right by Atul Gawande.

The most complex problems sometimes require very simple solutions. Atul Gawande argues that having a lot of knowledge or expertise doesn’t guarantee good work.

Gawande champions something we’ve all used at some point: a simple checklist. Through several stories, he explains the power of checklists in various scenarios. 

8. The Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future by Ryder Carroll.

Ryder Carroll created the Bullet Journal approach after he realized that no existing approach to productivity actually helped him get rid of stress and win back free time.

This method is now used by thousands all over the globe. If simple lists are not your thing and you feel like your work and time need more structure, this is the book to get and the approach to try.  

9. Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World. Author: Cal Newport

10 Most Important Books on Time Management and Productivity

The book Deep Work, written by American author Cal Newport, is a good choice for anyone looking to reduce time spent on social media or email.

The author has discussed concepts like noncognitive demanding tasks and logistical style tasks in the book.

As soon as an email arrives, do you begin scrolling through Twitter? Time and mental energy need to be freed up to do deep work, which requires attention and concentration.

Putting down your phone, turning off your notifications, and focusing on the work you need to do can hugely impact your productivity.

10. The Power of Habit Author: Charles Duhigg

The best-selling book “The Power of Habit” is mainly about Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business.

Our habits govern everything we do, and the habits we unknowingly form can make or break our success, from our morning routine to our afternoon activities.

It is a good book because of its research-based explanation of habits and how they are formed and changed. Someone we all know has changed their life almost overnight, after being out of shape or a smoker. What made this possible? The change inhabits.

If you do it enough, anything good or bad becomes a habit. There is research in the book on memory loss that explains this. In the research, patients with memory loss could not show someone where the kitchen is when asked, but once hungry, they automatically went to the kitchen.

By creating cues, routines, and rewards, habits are achievable. Having anticipation of a reward helps the brain discover the routine.


10 Most Important Books on Time Management and Productivity

The Checklist Manifesto: 

How to Get Things Right by Atul Gawande

The Checklist Manifesto is all about checklists. The book explores the fundamental importance of checklists in organizing and managing complex processes, including in running our own lives. A checklist can help us not to omit or overlook tasks that need to be performed in order to achieve the desired goal. 


Make sure to avoid fake feelings of progress, (meaning doing activities that have low added value). Focus on creating and delivering value based on your competencies.

In a world full of choices and options, have a minimalist mindset. Simplify your life and minimize the number of projects and choices you make during the day. Know your limitations.

My ladies are you ready to be the best version of yourself? Don’t miss out on these life-changing books for ladies, it is a must-read! Click here to explore our top recommendations and start your journey to becoming a woman leading powerhouse!

Precious Ifeoma is an aspiring lawyer interested in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and International Human Rights. She’s an advocate of SDG 1, 2 and 4. She enjoys reading about psychology, watching movies, and listening to music.

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